dinsdag 3 februari 2009

Review IJzig Vuur

Review Vital 664

"My Own Little Label" is a Dutch label launched in 2007. Since its birth the label has released 20+ cds in Mini-CDR-format from interesting projects such as Freiband, Bee Queen and solo projects of Dutch sound artists Peter Duimelinks, Roel Meelkop and Frans De Waard. Latest two albums on the label both comes from the owner of the label, Frans De Waard. First album is a soundtrack composed by Frans De Waard for the art video "Ijzig Vuur" which was created in a collaboration between Jan Kees Helms and the composer. "Ijzig vuur" in english means "ice cold fire", a title that makes sense as you watch the art video (i.e. on Youtube). The visual part of the video shows an ice block melting on a human body. The audio part of the video, and thus the music on present release titled "Profieldeel zeven" is a concrete sound collage of crackling noise drones reminiscent of the sound of burning fire. There is much vitality in the sound pallet of the piece meaning that this audio-only release works well. Interesting album.



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